Much like yoga, the Iris is the center of your focus, the place where you can concentrate on everything you need to and set aside - if only for a moment - the things holding you back. The Iris is also the focal point of your vision, granting you clarity and illuminating your path as you travel the world around you. It is the first step in a journey towards a healthier, more well-balanced version of yourself: one with the flexibility to move beyond challenges to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted to.



At Iris, we carry this idea forward into our premium, exquisitely-crafted yoga products, giving you the tools you need to achieve your best life, both inside and out. From durable fascia rollers to life-improving health tools like our back wheel, you’ll find everything you need to stay focused, flexible, and ready to carpe diem in your next yoga session.


We’ve taken the time to ensure that each product we create is not only built to last, but a joy to use and interact with. Iris products are each carefully and thoughtfully designed to become a seamless addition to your yoga, pilates, and other fitness routines. With the right tools in hand, underfoot, and supporting your body, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.


Let’s focus together.


Let’s achieve something more.

Welcome to Iris.