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Stretching before and after exercise or demanding physical routines is one of the best ways to avoid muscle sprains, strains, and persistent aches. While stretching in place can help, positional tools like our cork muscle roller help relief pressure and tension for a deeper, more healing stretch. Use the Iris cork muscle roller beneath the back while lying on the floor to alleviate stress in the back and shoulders, or under the arms and legs to help stimulate removal of lactic acid in the muscles. This cork-covered muscle roller can even be used under the soles of the feet while seated to help loosen tight ankle and calf muscles from the ground up. Simple yet incredibly effective, every serious yoga enthusiast should include this versatile tool in their fitness accessories.

  • USE IT ANYWHERE: The Iris cork muscle roller measures 12” L x 4” W (30cm x 10cm), making it easy to include in a gym bag or tuck in a closet for storage between uses. It’s designed to offer relief and stretching help to individual limbs or the entire body at once, depending on how it’s used.
  • MADE FOR EVERYONE: Lightweight with a smooth cork surface, our roller can be used to help alleviate tension for any soreness in the back or body. Incorporate it into your routine or session to target specific muscle groups for activity, or to prop / support areas of the body to prevent bad posture or accidental overextension of joints.
  • GREAT FOR RECOVERY: Our cork muscle roller can be used as a protective measure before physically-demanding workouts, or to aid in recovery during physical therapy or athlete training. Use it before a workout or yoga session to limber up, or afterwards to help encourage healthy blood flow, circulation, and removal of lactic acid.
  • MADE WITH NATURAL MATERIALS: The cork surface of this versatile roller doesn’t attract static the way many EVA and foam-type rollers do, which means it won’t pick up dirt and hair as it’s used. The cork offers an excellent blend of support and softness, and is naturally antimicrobial to keep you healthy and safe.
  • DURABLE AND STRONG: This cork muscle roller is made to support the body, regardless of the user’s weight. Use it under back and thighs without worrying about structural integrity: it will provide a smooth, stable glide as you roll over it, compressing your muscles evenly for faster relief, recovery, and flexibility.

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