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Comprehensive support is a must for safe, sustained stretching in yoga, particularly where your back, spine, and shoulders are concerned. Our cork-finished wheel allows you to use your body in a natural, flowing movement in a variety of positions - even particularly challenging ones, such as backbends. Designed with a comfortably wide surface, it provides support and pain-relieving pressure to your spine as you gently roll backwards on top of it. Use it before your intense yoga session to help loosen your back and warm up your body for more demanding poses, or afterwards to work relaxation magic in the recovery cycle of an invigorating workout.


 This Iris Cork Back Wheel measures approximately 13 inches in diameter and 5.12 inches in width (33cm x 13cm), and is made with sturdy and durable materials for trustworthy support.

  • EASY TO USE: Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a beginner with back wheels: simply sit in front of the vertically-positioned wheel, rest your spine on the center, and use your legs to gently push up and back, rolling it underneath your body.
  • EXCELLENT PAIN RELIEF: The innovative design helps with many types of pain and pressure from the spine and shoulders, particularly with frequent use. An absolute must-have for users that spend long hours stooped over, or sitting at a computer desk for work.
  • WORKS FOR LIMBS: In addition to providing a long, stable stretch for the spine, this wheel can also be used to enhance the results achieved from our traditional cork cylinder roller on legs, thighs, and more. Use with the same motion you would in a back stretch, ensuring that your body is properly and safely supported as you do.
  • NATURAL CORK SURFACE: We use natural cork on the surface of our back wheel for a variety of reasons: it offers an excellent “wet grip” for post-hot-yoga stretching, it’s antimicrobial for a safe and healthy experience, and offers just the right amount of comfortable cushioning for your joints and spine.
  • STABLE AND DURABLE: This back wheel is built to support the weight of your entire body, regardless of your size; the wide 5” + width offers optimal support as you arch backwards and redistribute your weight. Because the use of a wheel can offer intense sensations for beginners, we recommend those that have never tried one start gradually and proceed at their own comfortable pace.


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